Cold Room Installation

Cold Room Installation

Atlas Cold prides itself in offering a wide range of cooling solutions. We can design and install walk-in fridges and freezers for Cold Storage, Food Manufacturing, and Storage, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Storage, Laboratory Testing, Medical, Beverage Manufacturing and Warehousing.

Catering to your commercial and industrial business requirements, our engineers cover all your cold room technical needs. We have years of experience in planning, building and setting up cold storage for the industry´s highest standards of quality.

Before installation, we design your cold room as per your needs. During the design stage, we emphasise the incompetence of the existing cold room equipment throughout the site and provide a comprehensive solution. We take out all individual condensing units and replace with the efficient one. By doing so, we ensure unprecedented electrical savings for the company. The proper installation of a cold room also helps prevent an upgrade of their mains electrical supply, providing the company with spare aptitude.

Our cool rooms are constructed to Australian Standards, complying with the most stringent codes and standards.