Eliwell EWRC 500

Eliwell EWRC 500

£160.00 + VAT


The Eliwell EWRC 500 Coldface series Controllers and switchboards provide control of all static or ventilated cold room functions in a single device, with both single-phase and three-phase loads.

Eliwell EWRC 500 control panel features:

  • Direct control of single-phase or three-phase compressors up to 20A
  • Single-phase versions up to 5 relay outputs configurable for the complete control of all loads
  • Models with clock for programmed defrosts and HACCP functions with yearly calendar
  • Easy wall installation, wirings and commissioning
  • Highly configurable for every application need
  • Large LED display for an immediate view of cold room status
  • User-friendly keyboard and associated functions
  • Flame retardant enclosure with high internal capacity, resistant to water splashes
  • Connectivity to Televis and Modbus monitoring systems provided as standard
  • Certified compliant with the European directives covering low-voltage switchgear for installation on machinery.

Eliwell EWRC 500 main applications: Butchers, hotels, catering, dairies, cold stores, distribution centres and greengrocers.